Art History

What is the study of art history?

The Philosophy of Art is the study of many different notions that incorporate interpretation, expression, form, and, representation.  

The History of Art is based on many generations of human creativity. Art was created throughout time for people to look at and to enjoy its beauty. Art has changed dramatically throughout time and continues to develop.

Art covers a huge range of media starting around 2,000 years ago with the famous masterpieces and sculptures that marked each civilization, to the more recent technologically-based Art such as Video Art, Performance Art, Television, Animation, Video Games, and many more.

In the past, Artists used materials such as shells, stone, and objects that were readily available around them. They created many years worth of beautiful, unique, and divergent Art, using the simplest things. Today, we are using materials including paints, photography, and technology with the most advanced types of automation, computers, telecommunications, and robotics, enabling our creativity to expand and mature into a very advanced Art world.


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